‘When Will I Get My Money Right’ 

‘Cash Machine’, Oil + Acrylic on wooden board, 23” x 33”
‘These Boots Of Mine’, Oil + Acrylic on wooden board, 23” x 33”
‘Windowpane’, Oil + Acrylic on wooden board, 23” x 33”
‘Apocalypse Debt’, Oil + Acrylic on wooden board, 23” x 32”

This series of work was created during September 2022’s Usual Business Gallery artist residency, and is a return to the artists preliminary practice of painting. Each piece uses visceral, thick brush strokes and a very specific colour palette to create other-worldly compositions in a gestural and brash style, while repeated imagery and symbolism creates a through-line hinting at a narrative. Figures and shapes find themselves scratched into the work, not directly a part of these worlds but living on top of them as if they are toilet-wall defacements. These works once again explore heavy and personal themes, but in a more satirical fashion; feelings of inner-sadness and a sense of loneliness are juxtaposed through the crude and witty style of painting, and an overarching idea of ‘what it means to be broke in 2022’ is a bleakly humorous satire of working class culture and the cost of living crisis in Britain. Bringing the series together is a 10 minute experimental video piece presented in the centre of the space, containing writings, photographs and moving images created over the month.

Each painting is for sale, either individually or as a set. Contact for more details.